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Closing Riot for business

After thinking on it a little while, we've decided together to close Riot down for business and move onto some new opportunities.

You can read some more about this in our letter on the front page, along with updates on each of our products.

This website is now in stasis and this will be the final news post.

Riot ship their static hosting platform, Forge

The team at Riot have been busy working on Forge over the last year - the best way to host your static websites. We've been hosting Hammer, Anvil and this website on it for a while, and we'd encourage you to check it out and consider doing the same!

Anvil Hits 1.0

Riot's original web development app hit 1.0 today - and alongside a visual refresh, we're happy to announce some pretty neat and seamless integration with our other app, Hammer!

Hammer 1.6 - It's All About Speed

When it comes to front-end development, speed is crucial. We're pleased to announce that Hammer 1.6 has a great new caching system, designed to save you time. Loads of time.

Recent Updates to Anvil

It's been a while since we talked about Anvil, so alongside a nice new website refresh we thought we'd update you on the latest features we've added and our plans for Anvil later this year. Read the full article

Hammer for Mac adds HTML5 boilerplates

Hammer for Mac has been updated, bringing support for templates, among other improvements. The Hammer Template Gallery currently features HTML5 Boilerplate, Ember.js Starter Kit and Andy Clarke’s Rock Hammer. Read the full article

Introducing Hammer 1.5

Welcome to the new version of Hammer! We've been working hard to bring you the latest and greatest version of our OSX app for HTML developers, and in this post I'd like to take you through what's new. Read the full article