After 3 years, we're winding down our little company, Riot.

After thinking on it a little while, we've decided together to close Riot down for business and move onto some new opportunities.

We started Riot a little over 3 years ago, and in that time created a few fun iOS apps, Hammer, our fully-fledged OS X app for web developers, Forge, an ambitious publishing platform for static websites, and worked with numerous clients across some great projects.

Hammer will become a side-project, and will be maintained. It will still live at Hammer's compiler is now open-source. There is a new version of the desktop client, currently in beta.

Forge will continue to run with limited support. It is our intention to find a third party to take on development, but we have nothing to announce yet. The service runs itself and is remarkably stable.

Anvil is now Open Source. It's an old codebase (so be gentle) but you can now hack on it if you feel inspired.

We're going to leave the Riot Twitter account running so folks can get in touch with us if they need to. You can tweet us @theriothq.

We had a blast running our own company for these last few years, and we're sorry to be switching off the lights, but we hope our products found a few fans and will continue to serve their purpose. Thanks for following :)

Love from Riot,
Elliott, Hector + Red

  • Elliott is now at Dropbox, in San Francisco

  • Hector is designing user interfaces at Heroku

  • Red joined Togethera and makes iOS apps